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Have you ever found yourself looking at a map of England, knowing which county you want to see, but starting your search in entirely the wrong place?

Regions of England

There are 39 regions in England

Featured Region: Yorkshire

The largest county in England, Yorkshire is known for expansive green moors, historic heritage and rich cultural legacy. Elegant in appearance, the White Rose of the English royal House of York is used as the emblem to represent the beauty and elegance of the stunning county which is even lovingly termed as ‘God’s Own County’ at times. Read More...


Featured Article: English Genealogy

When the first people came to what we now know as England, there was no talk of England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland yet. Those people were actually able to walk from the mainland to England – but of course, that way of getting to England was cut of when the Ice Age ended and the channel between England and the European mainland filled with water. Read More...