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Global English
Tribal Challenge

Leading Tribes of England

 Rank  Tribe  County  Score  Members
1st Haywood West Yorkshire 8,010 1
2nd Gray Leicestershire 7,030 3
3rd Clarke Berkshire 6,820 2
4th Redman Wiltshire 5,040 1
5th Cwiklinski Cheshire 4,340 1
6th Martin Lincolnshire 4,280 5
7th Brown Lancashire 3,800 7
8th Evans Cambridgeshire 2,820 3
9th Gordon Cumbria 2,810 1
10th Robinson Dorset 2,660 1
11th Draper Dorset 2,450 1
12th Brettell-vaughan Shropshire 2,000 1
13th Hardy Shropshire 1,970 1
14th Lee Herefordshire 1,890 5
15th Elliott Somerset 1,880 1
16th Treacy Devon 1,830 1
17th Archer Lincolnshire 1,740 1
18th Taylor Yorkshire 1,700 5
19th Wynne-davies Worcestershire 1,650 1
20th Green Devon 1,540 8

Leading Players of England

 Rank  Tribe  County  Score
1st Haywood West Yorkshire 8,010
2nd Redman Wiltshire 5,040
3rd Cwiklinski Cheshire 4,340
4th Gray Leicestershire 4,210
5th Gordon Cumbria 2,810
6th Gray Leicestershire 2,760
7th Draper Dorset 2,450
8th Brettell-vaughan Shropshire 2,000
9th Hardy Shropshire 1,970
10th Elliott Somerset 1,880
11th Treacy Devon 1,830
12th Archer Lincolnshire 1,740
13th Wynne-davies Worcestershire 1,650
14th Delo Suffolk 1,340
15th Lee Devon 1,190
16th Palmer Devon 1,050
17th Edwards Lincolnshire 1,040
18th Wood West Yorkshire 990
19th Grayson Lincolnshire 890
20th Heppingstall Leicestershire 890
How to play
  1. Set up an account & pick your family tribe.
  2. Play, learn & earn points for your English tribe. Play as many times as you want and we'll use only your highest score.
  3. Build your clan by adding new family members.
  4. Stay tuned to see how you can cash in your clan's points, play more games and join your Tribal community!
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