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Somerset 101

How much do you know about Somerset ?

Located in the very south west of England, Somerset is considered the “countryside” and this luscious region situated next to Wiltshire, Bristol, and Gloucestershire. Furthermore, much of the greenery in this region can be attributed to the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary while the Avon River is also nearby.

History of Somerset

Somerset is also home to some of the oldest history in England with many remnants of Paleolithic times scattered throughout the rural areas. Many of these remnants are also symbols of other settlements which were located here at some point including Roman, Celtic and Anglo Saxons. As for local characters, there were many including the Great King Alfred who was at the forefront of the Civil War in England. However, amongst these famous remnants, Bath is the most popular and this iconic Georgian city is a major tourist attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climate in Somerset

While Somerset can receive snow during the winter months, the climate remains temperate for most of the year. In this regard, the region experiences mild and wet weather on occasion with an average temperature of ten degrees Celsius and a considerable amount of rain which is the result of depressions from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Economy and Employment

Somerset is home to a traditional agriculture industry, but surprisingly, there are also several industrial parks which feature technology and other modern businesses. Tourism is another important industry in the region, and for this reason, Somerset has a particularly low level of unemployment in comparison with the rest of England. Recent studies have also shown that this region offers a slightly higher standard of living than most rural areas in the country.

Landscapes and Population

Taunton is the main town in Somerset and a rather unassuming place in contrast to the major centres in nearby regions. However, the famous hills of Mendip, Quantock, and Blackdown dominate the landscape while Exmoor National Park is another large reserve with nature can flourish.

With a combined area of 4,000km2, Somerset is also a very densely populated area with almost one million people live in the towns and surrounding areas. That being said, this population is mostly confined to urban areas which allow for a very rural atmosphere and ambiance throughout the region.

While many residents in England will associate Somerset with the famous Glastonbury Festival, visitors will venture to this region to visit bath and some authentic countryside. As for the locals, this stunning part of the countryside is home to a stable economy, fascinating history and a temperate climate which ensures the weather is relatively consistent from one year to the next.
Bath Abbey
A couple looking up at the historic Bath Abbey, the last great gothic church in England, from the Roman Baths in Somerset.

Credit: Britainonview, Simon Winnall

A field below Glastonbury Tor

A couple walking across a field below Glastonbury Tor, a place associated with many myths and legends.

Credit: Britain on View

Abbey ruins, Glastonbury

Abbey ruins, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Credit: Britain on View

Morris Dancers Victorian Festival

Morris Dancers Victorian Festival, Dunster, Somerset.

Credit: Britain on View

Glastonbury, Somerset

Older members of the audience enjoy the performance just as much as the younger ones!, Glastonbury, Somerset.

Credit: Britainonview, Jon Spaull


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