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Ackerley (Meadow of oaks)

Ackley (Meadow of oaks)

Acton (Town with many oaks)

Addisen (Adam's son)

Adison (Adam's son)

Aidan (Help)

Ailen (Made of oak)

Aland (Bright as the sun)

Alard (Noble, Brave)

Alaric (Noble ruler)

Alcot (Old cottage)

Alcott (Old cottage)

Aldan (Antique, Wise protector, Old friend)

Alden (Antique, Wise protector, Old friend)

Alder (Birch tree, Revered one)

Aldon (Antique, Wise protector, Old friend)

Aldred (Old king)

Aldren (Old king)

Aldrich (Old king)

Aldridge (Old king)

Aldrych (Old king)

Aldus (Birch tree, Revered one)

Aldwin (Antique, Wise protector, Old friend)

Alf (Wise counsel)

Alfie (Wise counsel)

Alfred (Wise counsel)

Alfredo (Wise counsel)

Alfric (Wise counsel)

Alfrid (Wise counsel)

Allard (Noble, Brave)

Allie (Wise counsel)

Alvin (Elf wine, Noble friend)

Alwyn (Elf wine, Noble friend)

Amherst (Place name)

Amsden (From the Ambroses valley)

Andrea (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Ansley (From the pastureland of the noble)

Archie (Genuine, bold, brave)

Arden (Eagle valley)

Ardis (Eagle valley)

Ardon (Eagle valley)

Arthur (Noble)

Atherol (Dweller at the spring farm)

Averell (Boar-warrior)

Averil (Boar-warrior)

Averill (Boar-warrior)


Backstere (Baker)

Bailee (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Bailey (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Baily (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Bainbridge (Lives near the bridge over the white water)

Bainbrydge (Lives near the bridge over the white water)

Baird (Minstrel, A singer-poet)

Baker (Baker)

Balder (Bold army)

Baldhere (Bold army)

Ballard (A dancing song)

Bancroft (From the bean field)

Banner (Flag, Ensign bearer)

Banning (Son of the slayer)

Barclay (Birch meadow)

Bard (Minstrel, A singer-poet)

Bardalph (Ax wolf)

Bardan (Lives near the boar's den)

Bardaric (Ax ruler)

Bardarik (Ax ruler)

Barden (Lives near the boar's den)

Bardene (From the boar valley)

Bardo (Furrow, Hill)

Bardolf (Ax wolf)

Bardolph (Ax wolf)

Bardon (Minstrel, A singer-poet)

Bardrick (Ax ruler)

Bardulf (Ax wolf)

Barklay (Birch meadow)

Barkley (Birch meadow)

Barks (Birch meadow)

Barksdale (Birch meadow)

Barlow (Lives on the bare hill)

Barnaby (Son of comfort)

Barnard (Strong as a bear)

Barnet (Noble man)

Barnett (Noble man)

Barney (Son of comfort)

Barnum (From the nobleman's home)

Baron (Noble man, A title of nobility used as a given name)

Barr (Noble man)

Barre (Gateway)

Barret (Noble man)

Barrett (Noble man)

Barric (Grain farm)

Barrick (Grain farm)

Barrie (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Barrington (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Barron (Noble man, A title of nobility used as a given name)

Barry (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Barse (Fresh-water perch)

Bart (From the barley farm)

Bartel (Furrow, Hill)

Barth (Son of the earth)

Barthram (Glorious raven)

Bartleigh (From Bart's meadow)

Bartley (From the birch meadow)

Barton (From the barley farm)

Bartram (Glorious raven)

Barwolf (Ax wolf)

Basil (Royal)

Bates (Furrow, Hill)

Baul (Snail)

Bax (Baker)

Baxley (Baker)

Baxter (Baker)

Bay (Auburn-haired)

Bayard (Auburn-haired)

Baylen (Auburn-haired)

Bayley (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Baylor (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Beacher (Dweller by the beech tree)

Beal (Handsome)

Beale (Handsome)

Beaman (Beekeeper)

Beamer (Trumpeter)

Beardsley (Beard, Wood)

Beaton (From the warrior's estate)

Beceere (Lives by the beech tree)

Beck (From the brook)

Bede (Prayer)

Beecher (Dweller by the beech tree)

Beeman (Beekeeper)

Bek (From the brook)

Beldan (Lives in the beautiful glen)

Beldane (Lives in the beautiful glen)

Belden (Beautiful pasture, Child of the unspoiled glen)

Beldene (Lives in the beautiful glen)

Beldon (Beautiful pasture, Child of the unspoiled glen)

Ben (Blessed)

Benedict (Blessed)

Benjy (Blessed)

Benn (Blessed)

Bennet (Blessed)

Bennett (Blessed)

Bennie (Blessed)

Benny (Blessed)

Benon (Bright, Famous)

Bensen (Ben's son, Excellent son)

Benson (Ben's son, Excellent son)

Bentleigh (From the bent grass meadow)

Bentley (From the moors)

Benton (Settlement in a grassy place.)

Beomann (Beekeeper)

Beresford (From the barley ford)

Beretun (From the barley farm)

Berford (From the barley ford)

Bergen (Free citizen)

Bergess (Free citizen)

Beric (Grain farm)

Berk (From the birch meadow)

Berke (From the birch meadow)

Berkeley (From the birch meadow)

Berkley (From the birch meadow)

Bernard (Strong as a bear)

Berne (Strong as a bear)

Bert (Bright, Famous)

Bertie (Bright, Famous)

Bertin (Bright, Famous)

Berton (Fortress)

Bertram (Bright raven)

Berty (Bright, Famous)

Berwick (From the barley grange)

Berwyk (From the barley grange)

Beval (Like the wind)

Beverley (From the beaver meadow)

Beverly (From the beaver meadow)

Bick (From the hewer's ford)

Bickford (From the hewer's ford)

Biford (Lives at the river crossing)

Bill (Resolute protector)

Billie (Resolute protector)

Billy (Resolute protector)

Bink (Lives at the bank)

Birch (White, The birch tree)

Birche (Birch)

Bird (Bird)

Birde (Bird)

Birdhil (From the bird hill)

Birdhill (From the bird hill)

Birk (Birch tree)

Birkett (Lives at the birch headland)

Birkey (From the birch tree island)

Birkhead (Lives at the birch headland)

Birkhed (Lives at the birch headland)

Birley (From the cattle shed on the meadow)

Birney (Lives on the brook island)

Biron (Surname)

Birtel (From the bird hill)

Birtle (From the bird hill)

Bishop (A bishop)

Black (Dark)

Blade (Glory)

Bladen (Glory)

Blagdan (From the dark valley)

Blagden (From the dark valley)

Blagdon (From the dark valley)

Blain (Source of a river)

Blaine (Source of a river)

Blaise (Stutters)

Blake (Fair-haired, Pallid)

Blakeley (Fair-haired, Pallid)

Blakely (From the dark meadow)

Blakemore (From the dark moor)

Blakey (Blond)

Blanco (Fair-haired, Pallid)

Blandford (Gray haired)

Blane (Source of a river)

Blaney (Source of a river)

Blanford (Gray haired)

Blayne (Twin)

Blaze (Stutters)

Bliss (Happy)

Blyth (Merry)

Blythe (Happy)

Bob (Bright, Famous)

Bobbie (Bright, Famous)

Bobby (Bright, Famous)

Boc (Male deer)

Bocleah (Lives at the buck meadow)

Bocley (Lives at the buck meadow)

Boda (Herald)

Bolton (Of the manor house farm)

Bond (Farmer)

Bondig (Free)

Booker (Beech tree)

Boone (Sweet, Good)

Booth (Lives in a hut)

Boothe (Lives in a hut)

Bordan (Near the boar's den)

Borden (Near the boar's den)

Bort (Fortified)

Bosworth (Lives at the cattle enclosure)

Bourn (From the brook)

Bourne (From the brook)

Bowman (The archer)

Boyce (Lives near the wood)

Brad (From the broad meadow)

Bradan (From the broad meadow)

Bradbourne (From the brook)

Bradburn (From the brook)

Bradd (Broad, Wide)

Braddock (Broad-spreading oak)

Braddon (From the broad meadow)

Braden (From the broad meadow)

Bradene (From the broad meadow)

Bradford (Broad crossing)

Bradleah (From tbe broad meadow)

Bradlee (From the broad meadow)

Bradley (From the broad meadow)

Bradly (From the broad meadow)

Bradney (From the broad meadow)

Bradon (From the broad meadow)

Bradshaw (Broad clearing in the wood)

Bradwell (From the broad spring)

Brady (From the broad meadow)

Bradyn (From the broad meadow)

Braeden (From the broad meadow)

Braedon (From the broad meadow)

Braid (From the broad meadow)

Brainard (Bold raven)

Brainerd (Bold raven)

Braleah (From the hillslope meadow)

Bram (Father of many)

Bramwell (Place name)

Bran (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brand (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brandan (Beacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.)

Branddun (From the beacon hill)

Branden (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brandin (Beacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.)

Brandon (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brandyn (Beacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.)

Branford (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Branhard (Bold raven)

Brant (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brantley (Proud)

Branton (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brantson (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Branwell (Place name)

Brawley (From the hillslope meadow)

Braxton (Badger)

Bray (To cry out, Singing)

Brayden (From the broad meadow)

Braydon (From the broad meadow)

Brayton (Brave, Broad)

Brendan (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brenden (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brendt (Hilltop)

Brennan (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brennen (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brent (Fiery hill, Sword-blade)

Brentan (Fiery hill, Steep hill)

Brenten (Hilltop)

Brentley (Hilltop)

Brently (Hilltop)

Brenton (Hilltop)

Bret (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Brett (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Bretton (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Brew (Brewer)

Brewster (Brewer)

Brewstere (Brewer)

Brian (Strong)

Brice (Son of a nobleman)

Brick (Bridge)

Brickman (Bridge)

Bridger (Lives at tbe bridge)

Brigbam (Lives by the bridge)

Briggebam (Lives by the bridge)

Briggere (Lives at tbe bridge)

Brigham (Lives near a bridge)

Brik (Bridge)

Brinley (Tawny)

Brinton (From Brinton)

Brishen (Born during a rain)

Brittain (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Brittan (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Britton (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Broc (Badger)

Brock (Badger)

Brockley (From the badger meadow)

Brocleah (From tbe badger meadow)

Brocleigh (From the badger meadow)

Brocly (From the badger meadow)

Brocton (Badger)

Brod (Son of Roderick, From the broad ridge)

Broderick (Son of Roderick, From the broad ridge)

Broderik (Son of Roderick, From the broad ridge)

Brodrig (Son of Roderick, From the broad ridge)

Brodrik (Son of Roderick, From the broad ridge)

Brok (Badger)

Bromleah (From the broom covered meadow)

Bromleigh (From the broom covered meadow)

Bromley (Brush-covered meadow)

Bromly (From the broom covered meadow)

Bromwell (Brush-covered meadow)


Calvex (Shepherd)

Cam (Bent nose)

Cameron (Bent nose)

Camm (Bent nose)

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Cammie (Bent nose)

Camyron (Bent nose)

Cannon (Cannon)

Canon (Cannon)

Carl (Strong, Manly)

Carlatun (From Carl's farm)

Carleton (Carl's town)

Carlie (Carl's island)

Clarke (Cleric, Scholar)

Clarkson (Cleric, Scholar)

Claud (Lame)

Claude (Lame)

Claudio (Lame)

Claudius (Lame)

Clay (Born of the earth, Clay)

Clayborne (Born of the earth, Clay)

Claybourne (Born of the earth, Clay)

Clayburn (Born of the earth, Clay)

Clayton (Born of the earth, Clay)

Cleavon (From the cliff)

Cleon (From the cliff)

Cleve (From the cliff)

Cleveland (From the cliff)

Clevon (From the cliff)

Cliff (From the cliff)

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Dallan (Valley)

Dallen (Valley)

Dallin (Valley)

Dalton (Valley)

Dalyn (Angel from God)

Damon (Constant, Day)

Dana (God is my judge)

Dane (From Denmark)

Danior (Born with teeth)

Danon (From Denmark)

Daran (Great)

Darby (Without envy)

Dare (Great, Rocky hill)

Darek (Gifted ruler, From Theodoric)

Darel (Dearly loved, Open)

Darell (Beloved)

Daren (Great)

Darence (Beloved)

Dariel (Dearly loved, Open)

Dariell (Dearly loved, Open)

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Darin (Great, Rocky hill)

Darnall (From Darnall)

Darneil (Hidden)

Daylan (Angel from God)

Dayle (Lives in the valley)

Daylen (Angel from God)

Daylin (Angel from God)

Daylon (Angel from God)

Dayne (From Denmark)

Dorian (Descendant of Dorus)

Dorien (Descendant of Dorus)

Dorion (Descendant of Dorus)

Doron (Stranger)


Elrick (The king)

Elrod (The king)

Elroy (The king)

Elsdon (From the noble's hill)

Elson (From the old town)

Elston (Jehovah is God)

Elsworth (From the noble's estate)

Elten (From the old estate, Ella's town)

Elton (From the old town)

Elvern (Elf wine, Noble friend)

Elvey (Elf warrior)

Elvin (Elf wine, Noble friend)

Elvis (Elf wine, Noble friend)

Elvy (Elf warrior)

Everett (Hardy, Brave)

Everhard (Strong as a boar)

Everil (Boar-warrior)


Filbuk (Brilliant)

Filmarr (Famous)

Filmer (Famous)

Filmore (Famous)

Finian (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finlay (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finley (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finn (Blond)

Finnian (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finnie (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finny (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Firman (Fair)

Fiske (Fish)

Fitch (Ermine)

Fitche (Ermine)

Fitz (Surname prefix meaning son of)

Frankie (Free, A free man)

Franklin (Free man, Landholder)

Franklyn (Free man, Landholder)

Franky (Free, A free man)

Frayne (Foreigner)

Freca (Brave)

Fred (Wise counsel)

Freddie (Wise counsel)

Freddy (Peaceful friend)

Freeland (From the free land)

Freeman (Free man)

Freowine (Noble friend)

Frewen (Noble friend)

Frewin (Noble friend)

Frewyn (Noble friend)

Frey (Lord)

Freyne (Foreigner)

Frick (Brave)

Fridolf (Peaceful wolf)

Fridolph (Peaceful wolf)

Friduwulf (Peaceful wolf)

Fridwolf (Peaceful wolf)

Frika (Brave)


Gaukroger (Roger the clumsy)

Gawain (Battle hawk)

Gawen (Battle hawk)

Gawyn (Battle hawk)

Gayle (Lively)

Geary (Flexible)

Geffrey (Peaceful)

Gladwin (Happy friend)

Gladwyn (Happy friend)

Glaedwine (Happy friend)

Godfrey (God's peace)

Godwin (God's friend)

Godwine (God's friend)

Gold (Blond)

Golden (Blond)

Goldwin (Golden friend)

Goldwine (Golden friend)

Goldwyn (Golden friend)

Goodwin (Good friend)

Goodwine (Good friend)

Goodwyn (Good friend)

Gordon (From the cornered hill)

Gowyn (God's friend)

Graden (Gray haired, Son of the Gray family, Son of Gregory)

Gradon (Gray haired, Son of the Gray family, Son of Gregory)

Graeghamm (From the gray home)

Graegleah (From the gray meadow)

Graeham (From the gray home)

Graeme (Farm home)

Graent (Great)

Grafere (Lives in the grove)

Graham (From the great meadow, Farm home)

Gram (From the gray home)

Granger (Farmer)


Hagaward (Keeper of the hedged enclosure)

Hagley (From the hedged enclosure)

Hagly (From the hedged enclosure)

Haig (From the hedged enclosure)

Hal (Rules her household)

Halbart (Brilliant hero)

Halbert (Brilliant hero)

Halburt (Brilliant hero)

Haldane (From Denmark)

Halden (From Denmark)

Hale (Hero, Army ruler)

Halebeorht (Brilliant hero)

Halford (From the hall by the ford)

Hall (From the manor)

Hallam (Lives at the hall's slopes)

Hargrove (From the hare's grove)

Harrison (Son of Harry)

Hawly (From the hedged meadow)

Hayden (From the hay meadow)

Haydon (From the hedged in valley)

Hayes (From the hedged place)

Hayle (Lives in the hall)

Hayward (Keeper of the hedged enclosure)

Haywood (From the hedged forest)

Hazen (From the hedged place)

Heahweard (Chief guardian)

Healhtun (From the hillslope estate)

Heall (From the manor)

Healleah (From the manor house meadow)

Heallstede (From the manor house)

Healum (Lives at the hall's slopes)

Healy (From the slope land)

Heanford (From the high ford)

Heanleah (From the high meadow)

Heardind (From the hare's valley)

Heardwine (Brave friend)

Hearne (Mythical hunter)

Hearpere (Harpist)

Heath (Untended land where flowering shrubs grow)

Heathcliff (From the heath cliff)

Heathclyf (From the heath cliff)

Heathdene (From the heath)

Heathleah (From the heath covered meadow)

Heathley (From the heath covered meadow)

Helton (From the hillslope estate)

Henry (Rules her household)

Heort (Stag)

Herald (Army commander)

Heraldo (Army commander)

Herb (Strong army)

Herbert (Strong army)

Herbie (Strong army)

Howie (Guardian of the home, Watchman)

Howland (From the chiefs land)