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English Baby Girl Names

English Baby Name Generator

Unique English Girl Names & Meanings


Ilena (Giver of life)

Ilene (Giver of life)

Ilse (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Ina (Nickname dirived from suffix of many names.)

Inda (The country India)

Indee (The country India)

India (From India)

Indiana (The country India)

Iona (Violet)

Irvetta (Friend of the sea)

Irvette (Friend of the sea)

Isabel (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Isabelle (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Iva (Ivy, A climbing evergreen ornamental plant)

Ivalyn (Ivy, A climbing evergreen ornamental plant)

Ivey (Ivy, A climbing evergreen ornamental plant)

Ivie (Ivy, A climbing evergreen ornamental plant)


Jaclyn (Supplanter)

Jacque (Supplanter)

Janina (God is gracious)

Janise (God is gracious)

Jannae (God has answered)

Jannina (God is gracious)

Jannis (God is gracious)

Jaslynn (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jasmine (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jaxine (Hyacinth, Purple)

Jaycee (Beautiful)

Jaycie (Beautiful)

Jayde (The gemstone jade, The color green)

Jaylene (Bluejay)

Jaylynn (Bluejay)

Jayna (God is gracious)

Jayne (God is gracious)

Jayni (God is gracious)

Jaynie (God is gracious)

Jazlyn (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jazlynn (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jazmaine (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jazmina (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jazzalyn (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jazzy (Jasmine flower, Gift from God)

Jeanae (God has answered)

Jeanay (God has answered)

Jeanelle (God is gracious)

Jeannell (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)


Kaeley (Keeper of the keys)

Kaeli (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelie (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelin (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelyn (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelynn (Keeper of the keys)

Kaesha (Brave, Watchful)

Kahli (Fun)

Kaila (Keeper of the keys)

Kailan (Keeper of the keys)

Kat (Pure, Innocent)

Kate (Pure, Innocent)

Katelin (Pure, Innocent)

Kateline (Pure, Innocent)

Katelinn (Pure, Innocent)

Katelyn (Pure, Innocent)

Katelynn (Pure, Innocent)

Katherina (Pure, Innocent)

Katherine (Pure)

Katheryn (Pure, Innocent)

Kathleen (Pure, Innocent)

Kimball (Chief)

Kimbell (Chief)

Kimberley (Land belonging to Cyneburg, Royal fortress meadow)

Kimberly (Land belonging to Cyneburg, Royal fortress meadow)

Kimble (Chief)

Kimbra (From the royal fortress meadow)

Kimbro (From the royal field)

Kimbrough (From the royal field)

Kristalena (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Kristalyn (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Kristeena (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristen (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristena (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristi (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristian (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristiana (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Kristiane (Annointed, Follower of Christ)


Lareina (Warrior maiden)

Larena (Warrior maiden)

Lari (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Lark (Lark)

Laurene (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Laurenne (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Laurentia (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lauretta (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Laurie (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Lauriel (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Lauryn (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Laycie (Place name)

Layna (Narrow road)

Layne (Narrow road)

Lea (Glade)

Leah (Meadow)

Leana (Vine, To bind, Youthful)

Leann (Vine, To bind, Youthful)

Leanna (Vine, To bind, Youthful)

Leanne (Glade)

Lecia (Happy)

Lee (Dweller by the deer meadow)

Leeann (Vine, To bind, Youthful)

Lisha (Happy)

Lissa (Honey)

Livia (Olive tree)

Liz (Devoted to God)

Liza (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Lizabeth (Devoted to God)

Lizandra (God's protection)

Lizann (Beloved by God)


Maidel (Maiden)

Maidie (Maiden)

Maidy (A maiden)

Maisie (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Maitane (Dearly loved)

Maite (Dearly loved)

Maitena (Dearly loved)

Mala (Bad one, Meeting hall)

Malinda (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Mallory (Surname)

Mamie (Bitter)

Manda (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Mandalyn (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Mandi (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Mandie (Love, Worthy of love, Precious thing)

Marji (Pearl)

Marjo (Pearl)

Marla (Woman from Magdala)

Merrie (Joyful)

Merrielle (Joyful)

Merrilee (Joyful)

Merrily (Joyful)

Merrita (Joyful)

Merry (Joyful)

Mertice (Famous)

Mertise (Famous)

Mertysa (Famous)

Micaela (Gift from God)

Michaela (Gift from God)

Mika (Gift from God)

Mikaela (Gift from God)

Mikayla (Gift from God)

Mikella (Gift from God)

Mikelle (Gift from God)

Mikki (Gift from God)

Mikko (Gift from God)

Mildraed (Mild of strength)

Mildred (Mild of strength)

Mildrid (Mild of strength)

Mildryd (Mild of strength)

Mindie (Gentle one)

Mindy (Gentle one)

Missie (Young girl)

Missy (Young girl)

Missye (Young girl)

Mistee (Covered by mist)

Misti (Misty)

Mistie (Misty)

Misty (Covered by mist)

Molli (Bitter)

Mollie (Bitter)

Molly (Bitter)

Monica (Adviser)

Muriel (Shining sea)

Mychaela (Gift from God)

Myla (Merciful)

Myleen (Merciful)

Myra (Poetic invention)

Mystee (Misty)

Mysti (Misty)


Nan (Favor, Grace)

Nell (Shining light)

Nella (Shining light)

Nellie (Shining light)

Nellwyn (Bright friend)

Nelly (Shining light)

Nelwin (Bright friend)

Nelwina (Bright friend)

Nelwyna (Bright friend)

Nerida (Guardian of prosperity, Guardian of the mists)

Netty (Name ending used as an independent name)

Nia (Abbreviation of names ending in -nia)

Nichele (People's victory)

Nicki (People's victory)

Nickie (People's victory)

Nikki (People's victory)

Nikkie (People's victory)

Nolene (Noble)

Nora (Honor, Light)

Norabel (Honor, Light)


Oldwin (Special friend)

Oldwina (Special friend)

Oldwyn (Special friend)

Oleda (Winged)

Oleta (Winged)

Oletha (Light, Nimble)

Olexa (Protector of mankind)

Olita (Winged)

Oona (One)

Ora (Beautiful seacoast)

Orabel (Beautiful seacoast)

Orabelle (Beautiful seacoast)

Oralie (Golden)

Orelia (Golden)

Orva (Special friend)


Palma (Palm bearing pilgrim)

Palmiera (Palm bearing pilgrim)

Palmira (Palm bearing pilgrim)

Palmyra (Palm bearing pilgrim)

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Pat (From the fighter's farm)

Paton (From the fighter's farm)

Patten (From the fighter's farm)

Pattin (From the fighter's farm)

Patton (From the fighter's farm)

Pax (Peaceful)

Payton (From the fighter's farm)

Peace (Peaceful)

Pearl (Pearl)

Pearla (Pearl)

Pearle (Pearl)

Pebbles (Stone)

Pegeen (Pearl)

Pepper (From the pepper plant)

Peri (Wanderer)

Perla (Pearl)

Perle (Pearl)

Perri (Wanderer)

Peyton (From the fighter's farm)

Philberta (Brilliant)

Piper (Piper)

Pipere (Piper)

Poppy (Flower)

Purlie (Pearl)

Pyper (Piper)

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Queena (Queen)

Queenie (Queen)

Quella (Pacify)


Ra (Doe)

Radella (Elfin counselor)

Rae (Doe)

Raedself (Elfin counselor)

Raven (Dark haired, Wise)

Ravyn (Dark haired, Wise)

Rebecca (Captivating)

Ricarda (Powerful ruler)

Richelle (Powerful ruler)

Ricky (Powerful ruler)

Rikki (Powerful ruler)

Rilletta (Stream)

Rillette (Stream)

Robbin (Bright, Famous)

Roberta (Bright, Famous)

Robertia (Bright, Famous)

Robin (Bright, Famous)

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Robina (Bright, Famous)

Robinette (Bright, Famous)

Robyn (Bright, Famous)

Rowana (From the rowan tree)

Rowena (From the rowan tree)

Rumer (Gypsy)

Ruperta (Bright, Famous)

Ryesen (Rye)


Sabrina (Legendary princess)

Salal (Plant)

Sandra (Protector of mankind)

Sasha (Protector of mankind)

Sherri (From the white meadow)

Sherry (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Shir (From the country meadow)

Shirl (From the country meadow)

Shirlee (From the country meadow)

Shirleen (From the country meadow)

Shirleigh (From the country meadow)

Starr (Star)

Steve (Crown)

Stevie (Crown)

Stockard (Hardy tree)

Stockhard (Hardy tree)

Stockhart (Hardy tree)

Stokkard (Hardy tree)

Storm (Stormy weather, Tempest)

Storme (Stormy weather, Tempest)

Stormie (Stormy weather, Tempest)

Stormy (Stormy weather, Tempest)

Sue (Lily)

Sueanne (Lily)

Suellen (Lily)

Suma (Born during the summer)

Summer (Born during the summer)

Sunny (Cheerful)

Susie (Lily)

Susy (Lily)

Suzanna (Lily)

Suzy (Lily)

Sydney (From the city of St. Denis)

Sylvana (Woodland maid)

Sylvie (Woodland maid)

Sylvina (Woodland maid)

Sylvonna (Woodland maid)


Tacy (Silence)

Tailor (Tailor)

Tait (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Taite (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Taitum (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Tami (Palm tree)

Tammie (Palm tree)

Tammy (Palm tree)

Tamsin (Twin)

Tangerina (From Tangiers)

Tangerine (From Tangiers)

Tania (Princess)

Taralynn (A hill where the kings met)

Tarin (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Tarrah (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Tarynn (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Tashia (Born at Christmas)

Tassa (Born at Christmas)

Tat (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Tate (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Tatum (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Taura (Born under the sign of Taurus)

Taurina (Born under the sign of Taurus)

Taves (Great)

Tavia (Great)

Tawnie (Little one, Yellowish-brown)

Tawny (Little one, Yellowish-brown)

Tay (Tailor)

Taylor (Tailor)

Tayte (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Teagan (Good looking)

Teal (The bird teal, The blue-green color)

Teddi (Gift of God)

Teela (The bird teal, The blue-green color)

Tegan (Good looking)

Twyla (Woven)

Tyna (River)

Tyne (River)


Uldwyna (Special friend)

Ulla (To fill up)

Ulrica (Wolf ruler)

Ulrika (Wolf ruler)

Ulrike (Wolf ruler)

Una (One)


Vala (Chosen)

Valerie (Strong, Brave)

Velouette (Soft)

Velvet (Soft)

Verita (Verity, Truth)

Verity (Verity, Truth)

Virgena (Chaste, Pure)

Virginia (Chaste, Pure)

Vivian (The Lady of the Lake)

Viviana (The Lady of the Lake)

Vivianna (The Lady of the Lake)

Vivianne (The Lady of the Lake)


Wahoo (Joyful)

Waleis (From Wales)

Wallis (From Wales)

Wanetta (Pale)

Wann (Pale)

Welcome (Welcome)

Welsie (From the west)

Welss (From the west)

Wenda (Comely)

Wendi (Wanderer)

Wendy (Fair)

Weslee (From the west meadow)

Weslia (From the west meadow)

Whitley (White meadow)

Whitney (From the white island)

Whoopi (Joyful)

Willa (Resolute)

Willow (Freedom, Tree, Slender, Graceful)

Wilona (Desired)

Win (Peaceful friend)

Winifred (Peaceful friend)

Winn (Peaceful friend)

Winni (Peaceful friend)

Winnie (Peaceful friend)

Winny (Peaceful friend)

Winter (Born in the winter)

Winters (Born in the winter)

Withypoll (Twig head)

Wyn (Peaceful friend)

Wynter (Born in the winter)


Xandra (Protector of mankind)


Yahoo (Joyful)

Yedda (Beautiful voice)

Yetta (Beautiful voice)

Yippee (Joyful)


Zabrina (Legendary princess)

Zandra (Protector of mankind)

Zavrina (Legendary princess)

Zelma (Comely)

Zin (Flower name)

Zina (Flower name)

Zinia (Flower name)

Zinnia (Flower name)