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Ada (Wealthy)

Adda (Wealthy)

Adia (Wealthy)

Alsatia (From Alsace)

Altha (Healer)

Arden (Eagle valley)

Ashe (Ash-tree)

Ashford (Ash-tree)

Audri (Nobility, Strength)

Audria (Nobility, Strength)

Audriana (Nobility, Strength)

Audrianna (Nobility, Strength)

Audrie (Nobility, Strength)

Audrielle (Nobility, Strength)

Audrina (Nobility, Strength)

Audris (Nobility, Strength)

Audry (Noble strength)

Augustine (Exalted)

Aurear (Gentle music)

Auriar (Gentle music)

Austen (Exalted)

Austina (Exalted)

Austine (Exalted)

Autumn (Born in the fall)

Ava (Refuge in battle)

Avah (Refuge in battle)

Avalee (Refuge in battle)

Avelina (Refuge in battle)

Averil (Opening buds of spring; Born in April)

Averill (Opening buds of spring; Born in April)


Bailee (Courtyard within castle walls, Steward, Public official)

Bailey (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Baker (Baker)

Baxley (Baker)

Baxter (Baker)

Bayley (Bailiff, Fortification, Able)

Bert (Bright, Famous)

Bertie (Bright, Famous)

Bertilde (Shining battlemaid)

Bertrade (Bright counselor)

Beryl (Gemstone)

Bess (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Bessie (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Bessy (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Beth (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Bethiar (House of God)

Betia (House of God)

Betsey (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Betsy (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Betty (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Bev (Meadow of beavers)

Beverely (Meadow of beavers)

Beverlee (Beaver stream)

Beverley (From the beaver meadow)

Beverly (From the beaver meadow)

Billie (Determination, Strength)

Birdena (Little bird)

Birdie (Little bird)

Birdine (Little bird)

Birdy (Birdlike)

Bliss (Happy)

Blythe (Happy)

Bobbie (Bright, Famous)

Bobby (Bright, Famous)

Branda (Brandy drink)

Brandyn (Brandy drink)

Bret (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Brett (A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany))

Briana (She ascends)

Brione (The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine)

Brioni (The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine)

Brionna (The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine)

Brionne (The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine)

Briony (The name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine)

Bunny (Little rabbit)

Burdette (Little bird)

Byrdene (Little bird)


Cadee (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Cadena (Rhythmic)

Cadence (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Candice (Ethiopian queen)

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Candie (Sweet)

Candiss (Ethiopian queen)

Candy (Sweet)

Candyce (Ethiopian queen)

Cara (Strong)

Caralyn (Strong)

Caree (Strong)

Carey (Strong)

Carilyn (Strong)

Carilynne (Strong)

Carla (Strong, Strong-woman)

Carling (Hill where old women or witches gather)

Carlotta (Strong)

Carmia (Song)

Carmina (Song)

Carmine (Song)

Carmita (Song)

Carmya (Song)

Countess (Title, Feminine equivalent of Count)

Court (From the court)

Courtlyn (Courteous)

Courtney (From the court)

Cristen (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristin (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Cristyn (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

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Danita (God will judge)

Danitza (God will judge)

Danna (God will judge)

Dannah (A Biblical place name, God will judge)

Dannalee (God will judge)

Dannee (God will judge)

Dannell (God will judge)

Dannelle (God will judge)

Danni (God will judge)

Dannia (God will judge)

Dannon (God will judge)

Danrelle (Hidden)

Dantina (God will judge)

Dany (God will judge)

Danya (God will judge)

Danylynn (Dearly loved)

Daralis (Beloved)

Darla (Darling)

Darleane (Darling)

Darleen (Darling)

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Deeann (Divine)

Deeanna (Divine)

Deena (Presiding official, Valley)

Defena (From Devonshire)

Delice (Gives pleasure)

Delight (Gives pleasure)

Delisa (Gives pleasure)

Delisha (Gives pleasure)

Delissa (Gives pleasure)

Deliza (Gives pleasure)

Dell (Noble)

Della (Noble)

Drina (Protector of mankind)

Dunston (Valiant fighter, Dark stone)

Dustan (Valiant fighter, Dark stone)

Dustee (Valiant fighter, Dark stone)

Dusti (Valiant fighter, Dark stone)


Earlina (Noble woman)

Earline (Noble woman)

Earna (Eagle)

Earnestyna (Serious)

Earric (Powerful)

Eartha (Worldly)

Earwine (Friend of the sea)

Earwyn (Friend of the sea)

Earwyna (Friend of the sea)

Easter (Born at Easter)

Eastre (Born at Easter)

Eathelin (Noble waterfall)

Eathellreda (Noble maiden)

Eathelyn (Noble waterfall)

Ebba (Flowing tide)

Ebonee (Dark beauty, A hard wood)

Ebonie (Dark beauty, A hard wood)

Ebony (Dark beauty, A hard wood)

Eda (Rich)

Ellice (Jehovah is God)

Ellie (Beautiful fairy woman)

Ellisha (Jehovah is God)

Ellison (Jehovah is God)

Elly (Shining light)

Ellyce (Jehovah is God)

Ellyn (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)

Elmira (Noble)

Evaleen (Giver of life)

Evalina (Giver of life)

Evaline (Giver of life)

Evalyn (Giver of life)

Evanee (Young warrior, Well-born)

Evania (Young warrior, Well-born)

Evanna (Young warrior, Well-born)

Evelin (Giver of life)

Evelina (Giver of life)

Eveline (Giver of life)

Evelyn (Life)

Evelyne (Giver of life)

Evelynn (Giver of life)

Evelynne (Giver of life)

Evin (Young warrior, Well-born)


Fae (Trust, Faith)

Faith (Faithful)

Faithe (Faithful)

Fanceen (From France, Free)

Fanni (From France, Free)

Fannia (From France, Free)

Fannie (From France, Free)

Fanny (From France, Free)

Fantine (From France, Free)

Fara (Traveler)

Farah (Beautiful)

Faren (Adventurous)

Farin (Adventurous)

Farra (Beautiful)

Farrah (Beautiful)

Farren (Adventurous)

Farrin (Adventurous)

Farron (Adventurous)

Farryn (Adventurous)

Faryn (Adventurous)

Fauna (Young deer)

Fawn (Young deer)

Fawna (Young deer)

Fawne (Young deer)


Gail (Joyful)

Gaila (Joyful)

Gaines (Increase in wealth)

Gainor (Increase in wealth)

Gainsborough (Increase in wealth)

Gala (Joyful)

Gale (Joyful)

Galea (Festive party)

Galen (Festive party)

Galena (Festive party)

Galina (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)

Gardenia (Flower)

Garnet (A dark-red gemstone)

Gioa (Joyful)

Gipsy (Wandering tribe)

Githa (Gift)

Glad (Happy)

Gleda (To make happy)

Gloriana (Glorious grace)

Gloriane (Glorious grace)

Glorianna (Glorious grace)

Godgifu (Gift from God)

Godiva (Gift from God)

Golda (Gold)

Goldie (Gold)

Golds (Gilded)

Goldy (Gilded)

Grace (Grace)

Gracia (Grace)

Gracie (Grace)

Guendolen (White)

Gylda (Gilded)

Gyldan (Gilded)

Gypsy (Wanderer)

Gytha (A gift, Offering)


Hadley (Field of heather)

Haesel (Nut)

Hailey (Field of hay)

Hale (Hero, Army ruler)

Haleigh (Field of hay)

Haley (Field of hay)

Halfrith (Peaceful home)

Halfryta (Peaceful home)

Halig (Holy)

Halley (From the Hall)

Hallfrita (Peaceful home)

Hallie (From the Hall)

Harvine (Army warrior)

Hattie (Rules her household)

Hayden (From the hay meadow)

Haylee (From the hay meadow)

Hayleigh (From the hay meadow)

Hayley (From the hay meadow)

Haylie (Field of hay)

Hazel (The hazel nut tree, Commander)

Hazell (The hazel nut tree, Commander)

Heallfrith (Peaceful home)

Heather (A flowering evergreen plant)

Helena (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)

Hertha (Of the earth)

Hester (Star)

Hilary (Joyful)

Hild (Battle maid)

Hilda (Battle maid)

Hilde (Battle maid)

Hildie (Battle maid)

Hillary (Joyful)

Hlynn (Waterfall)