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English Baby Boy Names

English Baby Name Generator

Unique English Boy Names & Meanings


Jai (Healer)

Jake (Supplanter)

Jal (Wanderer)

James (Replace)

Jameson (Supplanter)

Jamison (Supplanter)

Janaya (God has answered)

Janene (God is gracious)

Janyd (Spearman)

Janyl (Strong, Open-minded)

Jaran (To cry out, Singing)

Jarel (Strong, Open-minded)

Jarell (Strong, Open-minded)

Jaren (To cry out, Singing)

Jarin (To cry out, Singing)

Jarman (A German)

Jarrad (Spearman)

Jarran (To cry out, Singing)

Jerred (Rules by the spear)


Kalen (Keeper of the keys)

Kallita (Fun)

Kameron (Bent nose)

Kandiss (Ethiopian queen)

Kannon (Cannon)

Karina (Pure, Innocent)

Karl (A man)

Kasia (Brave, Watchful)

Kassandra (Protector of mankind)

Kassi (Protector of mankind)

Katelinn (Pure, Innocent)

Kathy (Pure, Innocent)

Katlynne (Pure, Innocent)

Katy (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kaycie (Brave, Watchful)

Kaylah (Keeper of the keys)

Kaylan (Keeper of the keys)

Kaylene (Keeper of the keys)

Kaylyn (Keeper of the keys)

Kean (Sharp, Brave)

Keanan (Sharp)

Keandre (Ancient)

Keane (Sharp, Brave)

Keannen (Ancient)

Keaton (Place of the hawks)

Keddrick (Bounty, Spectacle, Founder)

Kedric (Bounty, Spectacle, Founder)

Kedrick (Bounty, Spectacle, Founder)

Keen (Sharp, Brave)

Keenan (Sharp)

Keene (Sharp, Brave)

Kelcie (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kell (From the spring)

Kels (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kelsey (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kelsi (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kelsie (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kelson (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kelsy (Ceol's island, Beautiful island)

Kenrich (Royal ruler)

Kenrick (Royal ruler)

Kenriek (Royal ruler)


Landen (Long hill)

Lander (Property owner)

Landers (Property owner)

Landis (Property owner)

Landman (Property owner)

Landon (From the long hill)

Landor (Property owner)

Landry (Property owner)

Lane (Narrow road)

Lang (Long, Tall)

Langdon (Long, Tall)

Langford (Long, Tall)

Langhorne (Long, Tall)

Langleah (From the long meadow)

Langley (Long, Tall)

Langston (Long, Tall)

Langtry (Long, Tall)

Lannie (Famous soldier)

Lanny (Famous soldier)

Lanston (From the long estate)

Larnell (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Larry (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Lathrop (From the farmstead with the barn)

Latimer (Interprets Latin)

Lattimore (Interpreter)

Launder (From the grassy plain)

Lauraine (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Linleah (From the flax field)

Linley (From the flax field)

Linly (From the flax field)

Linton (Linden tree)

Lintun (From the flax enclosure)

Linwood (From the linden tree meadow)

Lion (Lion)

Lionel (Lion)

Lionell (Lion)

Lisabet (Devoted to God)

Lisle (Carl's island)

Litton (From tbe hillside town)

Livingston (From Lyfing's town)

Llewellyn (Ruler)

Lloyd (Gray haired)

Loc (Lives by tbe stronghold)

Locke (Lives by tbe stronghold)

Lockwood (From the enclosed wood)

London (Fierce ruler of the world)

Lonell (Young lion)


Mace (A medieval weapon)

Maceo (From Matthew's land, Club)

Macey (From Matthew's land, Club)

Macomb (To make)

Macon (To make)

Macy (From Matthew's land, Club)

Maddison (Son of a mighty warrior)

Maddy (Son of a mighty warrior)

Madison (Gift of God, Strong fighter)

Maed (From the meadow)

Maelwine (Strong friend)

Maeret (Little famous one)

Maerewine (Famous friend)

Maethelwine (Council friend)

Mauricio (Moorish, Dark-skinned, Moor land)

Maurizio (Moorish, Dark-skinned, Moor land)

Maury (Moorish, Dark-skinned, Moor land)

Mauve (Little bird)

Maverick (An independent man who avoids conformity)

Maves (Little bird)

Mavis (Little bird)

Mavrick (An independent man who avoids conformity)

Maxfield (Field belonging to Mack)

Maximilian (The greatest)

Maximillian (The greatest)

Maxwell (Capable)

Mayer (Headman, Mayor)

Mayfield (From the warrior's field)

Mead (From the meadow)

Meade (Honey, Wine, Meadow)

Meave (Little bird)

Medwin (Strong friend)

Medwine (Strong friend)

Medwyn (Strong friend)

Meed (Meadow)

Meid (Meadow)

Mel (Repairer)

Melborn (From the mill stream)

Melbourne (From the mill stream)

Melburn (From the mill stream)

Melbyrne (From the mill stream)

Meldon (Hillside, Town by the mill)


Northclyf (From the north cliff)

Northrop (From the north farm)

Northrup (From the north)

Northtun (From the north farm)

Northwode (From the north forest)

Nortin (From the north farm)

Norton (From the north)

Norville (From the north)

Norvin (From the north)

Norvyn (Friend of the north)

Norward (From the north)

Norwel (From the north spring)

Norwell (From the north)

Norwin (From the north)

Norwood (From the north)


Olney (Holy)

Onslow (From the zealous one's hill)

Onslowe (From the zealous one's hill)

Orahamm (From tbe riverbank enclosure)

Oram (From tbe riverbank enclosure)

Oratun (From the shore farm)

Ordland (From the pointed hill)

Ordman (Spearman)

Ordmund (Spear protector)

Ordsone (Ormond's son)

Ordwald (Spear strength)

Ordwin (Spear friend)

Ordwine (Spear friend)

Orford (From the cattle ford)

Orham (From tbe riverbank enclosure)

Orick (From the ancient oak tree)

Oxnatun (From the ox farm)

Oxon (From where the oxen ford)

Oxton (From the ox farm)

Oz (Divine)

Ozzie (Divinely powerful)


Packard (One who packs)

Paegastun (From the fighter's farm)

Paella (Mantle)

Paine (Pagan)

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Palmer (Bearing a palm branch)

Palmere (Pilgrim)

Perekin (Little rock)

Peri (Wanderer)

Perian (Pear tree)

Perianne (Pear tree)

Perin (Pear tree)

Perkin (Little rock)

Perkins (Son of Perkin)

Perkinson (Son of Perkin)

Pernel (Little rock)

Pernell (Little rock)

Perri (Wanderer)

Perrin (Pear tree)

Prince (Principal one, First)

Princeton (Principal one, First)

Prior (Servant of the priory)

Pryor (Servant of the priory)

Putnam (From the commander's estate)

Putney (From the sire's estate)

Pyn (From the enclosure)

Pyper (Piper)

Pyt (From the Pit)

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Quent (Fifth-born child)

Quentin (From the queen's estate)

Quenton (Fifth-born child)

Quentrell (Fifth-born child)

Quincey (Fifth-born child)

Quincy (Fifth-born child)

Quint (Fifth-born child)

Quinton (Fifth-born child)

Quintrell (Fifth-born child)


Rab (Bright, Famous)

Rad (Red)

Radbert (Red haired counselor)

Radbourne (Lives by the red stream)

Radburn (Lives by the red stream)

Radburt (Red haired counselor)

Radbyrne (Lives by the red stream)

Radcliff (From the red cliff)

Radcliffe (From the red cliff)

Ralston (Wolf)

Ram (Ram)

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Ramm (Ram)

Ramon (Worthy protector)

Ramsay (Ram's island)

Ramsden (From the ram's valley)

Ramsey (Ram's island)

Ramzey (Ram's island)

Ramzi (Ram's island)

Rance (Son of the shield)

Rand (Wolf, Protector)

Randal (Wolf, Protector)

Randale (Wolf, Protector)

Randall (Wolf, Protector)

Randel (Wolf, Protector)

Randell (Wolf, Protector)

Randkin (Little shield)

Randolph (Wolf, Protector)

Reynold (Strong Counselor-ruler)

Reynolds (Strong Counselor-ruler)

Rhodes (Lives near the crucifix)

Ricadene (Lives in the ruler)

Ricard (Powerful ruler)

Ricardo (Powerful ruler)

Rich (Wealthy)

Richard (Powerful ruler)

Richardson (Powerful ruler)

Richart (Powerful ruler)

Richerd (Powerful ruler)

Richman (Powerful ruler)

Richmond (Powerful ruler)

Rick (Powerful ruler)

Rickard (Powerful ruler)

Ricker (Powerful ruler)

Rickert (Powerful ruler)

Rickey (Powerful ruler)

Rickie (Powerful ruler)

Rickman (Powerful ruler)

Rickward (Powerful ruler)

Ricky (Powerful ruler)

Ricman (Powerful ruler)

Ricweard (Powerful ruler)

Rider (Horseman)

Ridere (Horseman, Knight)

Ridge (From the ridge)

Ridgeiey (Lives at the meadow's ridge)

Ridgely (Lives at the meadow's ridge)

Ridgley (By the meadow's edge)


Sawyere (Saws wood)

Sawyers (Son of Sawyer)

Saxan (Sword)

Saxon (Sword)

Scadwiella (From the shed spring)

Scaffeld (From the crooked field)

Scandleah (From the loud meadow)

Seymour (Tailor)

Shad (In the bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.)

Shadd (In the bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.)

Shaddoc (Shad fish)

Shaddock (Shad fish)

Shadoe (In the bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.)

Shadwell (From the shed spring)

Shandley (From the loud meadow)

Shandy (Boisterous)

Shattuck (Shad fish)

Shaw (From the shady grove)

Shawn (From the shady grove)

Sheffield (From the crooked field)

Shelby (From the manor house)

Shelden (Deep valley)

Sheldon (Protected hill)

Shell (Clearing on a bank)

Shelley (Clearing on a bank)

Shelli (Clearing on a bank)

Shelly (Clearing on a bank)

Shelton (Protected hill)

Shep (Shepherd)

Shepard (Shepherd)

Shepherd (Shepherd)

Shepley (Shepherd)

Sheply (From the sheep meadow)

Sheppard (Shepherd)

Sherborne (Wool cutter)

Sherbourn (From the clear brook)

Sherbourne (From the clear brook)

Sherburne (From the clear brook)

Slaton (From the valley farm)

Slayton (From the valley farm)

Smedley (From the flat meadow)

Smetheleah (From the flat meadow)

Smith (Blacksmith)

Smits (Blacksmith)

Stevenson (Crown, Wreath)

Stevie (Crown)

Stevon (Crown, Wreath)

Stevyn (Crown, Wreath)

Steward (Bailiff)

Stewart (Bailiff)

Stewert (Bailiff)

Stigols (Stiles)

Stiles (Stiles)

Stilleman (Quiet)

Stillman (Quiet)

Stillmann (Quiet)

Stirling (Pure, Genuine, Valued)

Stoc (From the tree stump)

Stock (From the tree stump)

Stockley (From the tree stump meadow)

SutcIyf (From the south cliff)

Sutcliff (From the south cliff)

Suthclif (From the south cliff)

Suthfeld (From the south field)

Suthleah (From the south meadow)

Suthley (From the south meadow)

Suttecliff (From the south cliff)


Terrelle (Powerful)

Terrence (Roman clan name)

Terrill (Thunder ruler)

Terrin (Earthman)

Terris (Son of Terrell)

Terron (Earthman)

Towley (From the town meadow)

Towne (From the end of the town)

Townes (From the end of the town)

Townley (From the end of the town)

Townly (From the town meadow)

Townsend (From the end of the town)

Trace (From Thracia)

Tracy (From Thracia)

Tramaine (From the big town)

Tranter (Wagon driver)

Traveon (Fair town)

Travion (Fair town)

Travis (Crossing, Crossroads)

Travon (Fair town)

Tray (Third born)

Treadway (Strong warrior)

Tredway (Strong warrior)

Tremain (From the big town)

Tremaine (From the big town)

Tremayne (From the big town)

Trent (Dweller by the river Trent)


Ulrick (Wolf ruler)

Ulu (Wolf ruler)

Ulvelaik (Wolf sport)

Unwin (Unfriendly)

Unwine (Unfriendly)

Unwyn (Unfriendly)

Upchurch (From the upper church)

Upshaw (From the upper town)

Upton (From the upper town)

Uptun (From the upper farm)

Upwode (From the upper forest)

Upwood (From the upper forest)

Usbeorn (Divine warrior)


Vail (Lives in the valley)

Val (Strong)

Vale (Lives in the valley)

Valen (Strong)

Valentine (Strong)

Valiant (Brave)

Vallen (Strong)

Vance (Dweller at the windmill)

Vannes (Grain fans)

Vareck (From the fortress)

Varek (From the fortress)

Varik (From the fortress)

Vayle (Lives in the valley)

Vern (From the alder grove, Spring-like)

Verne (From the alder grove, Spring-like)


Wadsworth (From Wade's estate)

Waed (Advancer)

Waefreleah (From the quaking aspen tree meadow)

Waer (Wary)

Waerheall (From the true man's manor)

Wattikinson (Son of Walter)

Wattkins (Son of Walter)

Watts (Son of Walter)

Wattson (Son of Walter)

Waverly (From the tree-lined meadow)

Way (From the path land)

Wayde (Angel from God)

Waydee (Angel from God)

Waydell (Angel from God)

Waylan (Angel from God)

Wayland (Angel from God)

Waylin (Angel from God)

Waylon (Angel from God)

Wayne (Wagon maker)

Wayte (Guard)

Wealaworth (From the Welshman's farm, Welsh friend)

Weallcot (Lives in the Welshman's cottage)

White (White)

Whitelaw (White)


Yale (From the slope land)

Yardley (From the enclosed meadow)

Yardly (From the enclosed meadow)

Yates (Gatekeeper)

Yeoman (Retainer)

Yoman (Retainer)

Yorick (From the farm of yew trees)

York (From the farm of yew trees)

Yul (Born at Christmas)

Yule (Born at Christmas)


Zach (Remembered by God)

Zachary (Remembered by God)

Zack (Remembered by God)

Zackary (Remembered by God)

Zander (Protector of mankind)

Zane (God is merciful)

Zayne (God is merciful)

Zeke (Strength of God)