Church of St Mary De Crypt is an impressive medieval church and adjoining Tudor schoolroom. Here you can explore the world of a Tudor classroom, dress like a Tudor, try writing with a quill pen, learn how to make ink and guess what Tudor schoolboys did with a piss pot and a pounce bag and search for graffiti from the 18th century and see what archaeologists found under the floorboards.

You can also join a guided tour, where the trained guides will introduce you to the architectural highlights of the building, including the triple sedilia, stained glass, medieval wall painting, Norman arches and the remodelling work of the 1400s. Discover the history of the building, its role during the English Civil War. Hear the stories of local characters connected with the buildings, including Jemmy Wood, notorious banker and model for Dickens’ Scrooge; Robert Raikes, prison reformer and co-founder of the Sunday School movement; George Whitefield, one of the founders of Methodism, famous particularly in the American Colonies for his passionate preaching. Stand in the same pulpit from which he preached his first sermon, purportedly driving 15 people mad.

The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes the church and schoolroom. Additional tours to the bell tower and crypt may be requested. Just click the 'Book Now' button to find more information. 



 Tour duration: 1 - 2 hours

Opening Hours

10.30 am - 5pm from Wednesday to Sunday