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This surname is English, and one of the first recorded anywhere in the world. It may be either topographic for someone who lived by a notable outcrop of rock, a stone boundary-marker or monument, or it may be locational from of the places called 'Stone' in Southern, Western, and Midland, England. These include the villages of Stone in Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Staffordshire, Somerset, and Worcestershire. The name derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "stan" or "stanas" meaning "the stone" or "stones". The village of Stone in Hampshire, for instance, was very likely named from a stone which acted as a sign post, and marked the point where boats left from Hampshire to cross to the Isle of Wight in the English Channel...


Stone (Variants: Stones)

Although the surname is most commonly a topographic name, for someone who lived either on stony ground or by a notable outcrop of rock or a stone boundary-marker or monument, it is also found as a metonymic occupational name for someone who worked in stone, a mason or stonecutter.

An English nickname from Middle English ston(e) , stan(e) ‘stone, rock’, not only denoting a worker in stone but perhaps a tough, resilient person, as hard as stone.

In Irish, this name was adopted for Irish Ó Clochartaigh (Cloherty) and/or Ó Clochasaigh (Clohessy), and possibly other names containing or thought to contain the element cloch ‘stone’.

Translation of various surnames in other languages, including German and Jewish Stein, Norwegian Steine, and compound names formed with this word.

There are various places in southern and western England named with this word, for example in Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Somerset, Staffordshire, and Worcestershire, and the surname may also be a habitational name from any of these.

In 1891 the frequency was widespread across England and Wales with 23,264 occurrences and a further 213 in Scotland. In 1881, general location was South West England with 1,284 occurrences in Devon.

The noted Joss Stone (b. 1987), stage name of Jocelyn Eve Stoker is an English soul singer-songwriter and actress who spent her teenage years living in Devon.

Another, Patsy Stone, a fictional character portrayed by actress Joanna Lumley in the UK television series Absolutely Fabulous. Perhaps depicting the Middle English nickname ‘as hard as stone’.

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Anthony Barrett

(Part 1 of 3) The Stone name has a long history in the British Isles, but now DNA and some recorded history says its origin is from the south-west region of the Emerald Island. The Stone story [dominated by DNA tribal marker R1b-L513, Subgroup M] can trace their beginnings to what is now County Kerry from 50 BCE. Perhaps the journey begins with the Clanna Dedad; Deda, son of Sen or Deda Mac Sin. The Stone surname origin is possibly a branch of what will become the Dáirine [R1b-L513] who are found in south Ireland around 300 CE.

Anthony Barrett

(Part 2 of 3) According to research, the Dáirine will join with the Dál Riata of north-east Ireland and invade Scotland around 500 CE. But how could this be? Recent discoveries from DNA testing are unlocking the migration patterns of Celtic tribes as late as 800 CE to 1200 CE. The Stone story begins in pre-history Ireland but many of his descendants will then move to Kintyre, Scotland where they and other R1b-L513 members will form the Dalriada. This line and many of his kin will then travel to Brittany, France during the Dark Ages.

Anthony Barrett

(Part 3 of 3) Discover their newly found untold story and how forgotten texts bring their story back to life. From the ebook, “The Tribe Within” learn how DNA unfolds this amazing tale and if you look in the right places, how history narrates this evidence. There is another written account of their story, but it is camouflaged in smoke and myth – it will become the tales of King Arthur. Come follow in the footsteps of Deda Mac Sin and visit


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