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Worcestershire 101

How much do you know about Worcestershire ?

This county is found in the west midlands of England. It was merged with Herefordshire as Hereford and Worcester. It covers approximately 670 square metres. The districts include Malvern Hills, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Redditch and wychanvon.

Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, west midlands and Gloucestershire borders the Worcestershire state. There are two major rivers in the county, the Avon and the Servern Rivers.

Physical geography

Malvern Hills are composed of metamorphic rocks and ingenious rocks. They are designated as an Area of outstanding natural beauty. The Worcestershire Beacon lies in this range.

The state also consists of wavy hills that run on the server valley sides. This is the United Kingdom's longest river and flows through both Worcester and Sprourpout on Serverns. The River Avon flows through the Worcestershire town on Evesham and joins the Severn at Tewkesbury.

Several deciduous and coniferous woodlands are located to the north of the state. The Vale of Evesham stretches through the south of the region and to its south are the Cotswolds.

Industry and agriculture

The cultivation of hops and fruit farming were the traditional agricultural activities in the state. This has greatly reduced except the southern region of the county, where orchards are still worked on a large scale. The Worcester Pearmain apples originate from Worcestershire, and the Pershore plum from the small Worcestershire town. The Malvern town is the home of the Morgan traditional sports car.


Worcestershire has a comprehensive learning system with more than 35 independent schools. They include the RGS Worcester, the king’s school, Malvern College, Worcester and Malvern St. James.

Several schools in the county provide the sixth form education. This includes two in the city of Worcester. There are several vocational colleges which provide A- level and GCSE courses and adult education. They include south Worcestershire College, and an agricultural campus of Warwickshire College. The University of Worcester is located in the city.


There is only one city and county town, Worcester. The major settlements include Redditch, Bromsgrove and Kidderminster. They are satellite towns of Birmingham. The market towns include Bewdley, Evesham, Malvern Pershore and Upton upon Serven.


The number of people in ethnic groups increased in the year 2001 -2011. The white British of Worcestershire’s population reduced from 95% to 92%, also the share of white ethnic groups in general reduced from 97% to 95%.Worrcestershire’s ethnicity is still homogeneous as compared to the national average.


The climate is generally sunny and dry during summer months. It is wet and cold during winter. The weather changes often. The weather forecasts in England are always accurate. You can plan a day out and be confident in what you are going to do. Summer is good time to have holidays. The temperatures on average are more than 20°C.

Attractive features


There are various attractive features to enjoy in Worcestershire. You can explore the countryside and get its experience. The cathedral has a great presence; it is being adorned in every architectural style. There are towers and follies in the Malvern Hills. There are also nature reserves that are all over the state.

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