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The largest county in England, North Yorkshire is characterised by rolling green pastures, stately abbeys and antique-like houses which take you back to the Middle Ages. From the Medieval Period itself, the economy of Northern Yorkshire revolved around rearing livestock for wool, while signs of the nearby industrial revolution were ignored in this idyllic life. Even today, the county has still managed to preserve many semblances of heritage in all walks of modern life.

The geography of North Yorkshire also features the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales, country sides which have been officially declared as National Parks. The North Sea flows to the east of the county, while cradled between the North York Moors on the east and the Pennine Hills on the west, lies the Vale of Mowbray and York. The Tee Lowlands are bordered on the southern side by the North York Moors and the Ure and Swale rivers are major sources of vitality in the region. North Yorkshire experiences a temperate oceanic climate, though temperatures might vary in hilly regions and low-lying areas, while the coastal region experiences plenty of sunshine and rainfall throughout the year.

The county of North Yorkshire boasts of a robust economy with its unemployment rate staying significantly below the national average. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy although mineral extraction and power generation are other areas that contribute to the prosperity of North Yorkshire. In recent years, huge strides have been made in the arena of technology and services and tourism-related sectors have experienced a period of growth.

Imposing buildings reminiscent of Medieval opulence generate a lot of tourist buzz today. Case in point is the historic Bolton Abbey that overlooks the scenic landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. Other famous landmarks include the Fountains Abbey, Middleham Castle, Ripley Castle and Helmsley Castle. And then there is the spa town of Harrogate which is always attractive for tourists along with the seaside resorts of Scarborough and Whitby. York, the medieval town resides as the crown jewel of Northern Yorkshire in all its medieval glory and where a network of historic cobbled alleys, together with its 13th century walls, bring history alive in an unparalleled fashion. The York Minster, a magnificent Gothic Cathedral stands proud in the heart of York.

Northern Yorkshire is one of those rare regions in Europe which have preserved life as it was before the industrial revolution. The rolling meadows, beautiful cathedrals, narrow streets and wealthy abbeys create a nostalgic aura of simpler times.

Hardraw force, Hawes, North Yorkshire

Couple at Hardraw force, Hawes, North Yorkshire.

Credit: Britain on View

Leeds Town Hall

Exterior view of the front of Leeds Town Hall at dusk. The building is made of Millstone grit and was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858. Leeds, West Yorkshire

Credit: Britainonview, Pawel Libera

Castle Howard

Interior corridor gallery of Roman sculpture, Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

Credit: Britain on View

Richmond castle

Richmond castle, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Credit: Britain on View

Victoria Quarter in Leeds

Walking hand in hand through one of the two arcades that form a part of the Victoria Quarter in Leeds, often described as one of the UK's most beautiful shopping centres.

Credit: Britainonview, Pawel Libera

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